Wedding Photographer Wanted. Compensation: Tolls

Michael Zhang has an utterly shocking post on PetaPixel about a job listing for a wedding photographer. Along with the (long) list of requirements, the listing said the couple would pay the photographer’s road tolls to the wedding. But that’s all they were willing to pay! Apparently, there is no limit to how cheap people can be!

Now, many of us know how insanely expensive weddings can be. So, having (and sticking to!) a reasonable wedding budget is a must. However, there is a major difference between being frugal and being cheap. Apparently one couple don’t understand this.

They posted a job listing for a wedding photographer on Craigslist. They had a long list of requirements, such as doing a pre-wedding shoot with the bride, having your own car and delivering all the raw photos on a flash drive. Then it gets weird: the listing basically tells the potential photographer that they’d better eat breakfast or pay $150 for a meal and that they won’t be paid for the job!


Here’s a breakdown of this job post:

What you’re signing up for:

1. A wedding that starts at 11 AM and ends at 1 AM. However, you don’t need to be present all the time, you just have to ‘be prepared for a long day’.

2. Pre-wedding shoot at 9:30 in the morning.

3. Handing over RAW photos on a flash drive.


1. You must own a vehicle.

2. You must be punctual.

3. You must not be an amateur, but a PROFESSIONAL.

4. You must eat a breakfast that lasts you the whole day, or pay $150 for a meal.

For your service, you will be given:

1. NO Payment.

2. Reimbursement for the tolls you pay to get to the wedding.

3. Photos from an “exclusive wedding party” you can utilize to add on your portfolio.

Source: PetaPixel