Daddy-Daughter Fishing Trip Almost Go Horribly Wrong When They Reel In An Enormous Louisiana Swamp Gator

This unbelievable post will blow your mind! A father and daughter were fishing off a kayak when they hooked something that felt gigantic. But they didn’t have a huge fish on their line. They had an alligator!

Anglers all dream of catching gigantic fish, but they probably don’t dream about catching an alligator. But this is exactly what happened to a man and his daughter while they were fishing from a kayak!

Lance Burgos and his daughter, Evan, were spending some quality time together by fishing from a kayak in a lake. While they were fishing from their small kayak, they felt a bite on the line. But instead of seeing a huge fish emerging from the water, they spotted a gigantic alligator! In an attempt to stop the alligator from coming any closer, Lance threw his fishing rod into the lake. Evan started crying in terror. That’s surely not how they expected to spend the day.

On the video,Lance shouts:

“Oh my God, that’s a big a** ‘gator, buddy.”

His daughter is also heard shouting over to other kayakers:

“It was bigger than your boat!”

In the video, Evan can be heard shouting to another father-daughter pair kayaking with them:

“It was bigger than your boat!”

Kayaker gets a huge shock when fishing off side of boatBurgos says:

“We saw some gators throughout the weekend, but nothing like what was on the end of that line.”

“My daughter and I got back from camp, and when we went to bed, we both said, ‘We’re going to have nightmares about this.'”

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