School Portrait Photography Company Removes Its Retouching Services After Mother Complains

The camera never lies, right? Apparently the touch up service can make you think that it does lie! In this article and video by Michael Zhang for PetaPixel you can read about a mom who disagreed with the retouching service which was used for school photographs.

A West Sussex mom Alexandra Norman complained after the company touched up the school photos. The service claimed it ‘softened blemishes and facial lines, acne and even marks on jumpers’. In an interview with BBC South Norman voiced her views that photographs are not meant to be perfect. The company then apologised to Norman and withdrew the service.

Other parents, however, disagreed with Norman and said that the service should be an optional choice for parents. Most of the other parents agreed that the company should not have apologised. The option is clearly stated on the order form and if you do not require touch up, then do not check the box.

“The photo’s not supposed to be about perfection,” says Norman. “It’s just to capture them at that moment in time.”
Alexandria Norman in her interview with BBC South Today.
Alexandria Norman in her interview with BBC South Today.

“I really think that this woman should apologize to the school photographers rather than the other way round,” writes Carole McMillan. “The photographers have ended up issuing a public apology for nothing. They weren’t doing anything wrong. […] This has left a business probably losing business when they have done no wrong, parents being denied a choice for their children, and an 8 year old who probably wasn’t bothered in the first place bemused about all the fuss.”

“Yellow has been offering this OPTIONAL service for a couple of years at least, it features red-eye removal, tidying up a cardigan (removing spilt lunch-time bean juice etc), it can also cover up grazes, cuts, that annoying spot that appears on Photo Day,” says Nick Grace. “If you don’t require the service, don’t tick the box. If you do, do. Simple enough.”

Source: PetaPixel

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