Terrifying Picture Of Ghost Appears Behind Angler As He Poses With His Catch

Chris Hewett wrote a creepy post for the Mirror about an angler who unknowingly posed with a terrifying ghost when he was photographed with his prized catch. You just have to see the horrifying picture!

Wayne Foulkes is an avid angler who caught a large 16lb carp at Ponciau Pool, in Wrexham, North Wales. He was so pleased with his great catch that he wanted to have a photograph of himself holding the large carp. But poor Foulkes was shocked and frightened when he saw the terrifying orange ghost who photobombed him.

Most locals are confused about what is actually in the creepy picture with Foulkes. But the local councillor at Ponciau, Paul Pemberton, says that the pool has a very “grim past”. He says that there have been two suicides at the pool. However, he does add that it’s the first time anyone has reported seeing a ghost at the pool.

Paul Pemberton, the councillor of Ponciau, Wales in the UK shares the pond has a ‘grim past’. Although, the peculiar photo has left residents scratching their heads:

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it but it is a 100 per cent a genuine photo and you can definitely see eyes, nose, teeth and a whole face in the background.”

“I know there have been a couple of suicides in that water and it really does have a grim past.”

“In the last 30 years, there was one guy who lost his life there and another lad called Owen who is believed to have committed suicide there too.”

“But it’s a mystery as that place is in the middle of the village and is surrounded by houses and this is the first report we have had of any ghosts.”

“It’s certainly brought a smile to people in the village and I’m sure we might get the Ghostbusters around soon.”

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