Motorhome GPS Causes A Californian Couple To Be Stranded On Logging Road For Two Days

Many motorists and campers now rely on the GPS to get them to their destinations, and most of the time, this happens very well! However, here you can read in an article by Everton Bailey Jr for The Oregon/Oregon Live about a time when the GPS got it all horribly wrong!

California man Charles Edward Garton and his wife managed to get their motor home stuck in Douglas County after following the GPS. The GPS led them off Interstate 5 and down several interstate roads where they got stuck. They were pulling a utility trailer with a golf cart and the condition of the roads caused some damage to the motor home.

Garton called 911 after they got stuck in mud. They were found a day later although they decided not to abandon the motor home, but rather stay in it until they were pulled out from the mud a day later.

Source: The Oregonian