Enormous Motorhome Accidentally Dives Into Backyard Swimming Pool

Here’s an alarming article about a man who accidentally crashed his motorhome into a family’s swimming pool. You’ll have to see the pictures to believe it!

Elizabeth Little and her father, Norman Little, were in their home when they heard a huge booming crash from outside. They had no idea what had happened until they went outside and saw an enormous motorhome submerged in their swimming pool! Stephen Pierro had been driving his motorhome when his foot got stuck and he lost control of his vehicle. He smashed through the Little home’s fence and crashed into the swimming pool.

Norman Little and a friend, Larry Lambert, rushed to rescue Mr Pierro, who was floating next to the motorhome. Together, they dragged him out of the water to safety. Emergency services soon arrived on the scene and carefully removed the motorhome from the pool. Thankfully, Mr Pierro wasn’t seriously injured in the accident.

Crash landing: The 30-foot motor home landed in the swimming pool on Wednesday after the driver had a medical issue
Splash: Police said Stephen Pierro was driving the RV and lost control of the vehicle due to a medical episode
Swim: An enormous, 30-foot long motor home smashed through a fence and into a pool in Brockton, Massachusetts today
Whoops: Mr Pierro told his rescuers that his foot had gotten stuck to the accelerator and he couldn’t halt the careening vehicle

Elizabeth Little helped her father and his friend drag Mr. Pierro out of the water:

“Thank God my dad was home, the guy would have died.”

Just before 9 AM, they heard a loud noise outside and looked out. They immediately spotted the white RV submerged with Mr. Pierro floating alongside. Mr Lambert says:

“He was free in the water, and we just had to grab him.”

Saved: Mr Pierro was pulled out of the water by the owners of the pool he crashed into, owing his life to their quick-thinking
Help: Norman Little, helped drag Mr Pierro out of the water with friend Larry Lambert
Dip: Larry Lambert, left, said helooked out and saw the white RV, tires up in the air and steering wheel submerged. Mr Pierro was floating alongside it
Response: Two tow trucks helped to stabilize the motor home as it bobbed in the water while a crane truck pulled it out

Emergency responders worked tirelessly to pull out the motorhome, careful to drain all the gasoline from the tank:

“We don’t want anything to spray or cause a fire,” acting Fire Chief Timothy Murphy said.

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