Craftmoji – The Knitting Emojis To Tell Everyone How Well (Or How Badly) Your Knitting Is Going

If you love crafts and are always frustrated because your iPhone has no yarn emoji, you’ll just adore this. Simply Crochet has developed the ‘Craftmoji’ – a set of over 100 craft emoji for Apple iPhones and iPads! You can buy them now!

Those of us who are obsessed with our crafting hobbies know how infuriating it can be to send a text to a fellow crafter without the right types of emojis. Apple has emojis for other hobbies, such as sport, but nothing for crafting! But Simply Crochet has fixed all that! They’ve created a range of what they call “craftmojis”.

This range is made up of yarn, crochet, knitting and other craft emojis. They include many different types of yarn, balls of wool with faces, knitting, crochet, buttons, scissors, a sewing machine, needles,fabric and even a thimble. They are so gorgeous! If you download them, you’ll always have the perfect craftmoji for any situation!






If you’re using the UK Apple App Store click here, and the app costs 99p.

If you’re using the US Apple App Store click here, and the app costs 99c.

You can read the Crochet Concupiscence review of the app here.

Source: Simply Crochet