Cafe Mocks Photographer Who Asked That Stolen Photo Be Taken Down

Talented professional photographers put many hours and a lot of effort into trying to get a photograph that they’re truly happy with. So they really do work for their photographs.

Sadly, some people don’t seem to realize that professional photographers don’t simply point and click once and end up with the perfect picture. This means that these people are quite willing to use other people’s photographs without giving them any credit or paying for use of the picture. And this happens all too often.

Unfortunately, Melina McGrew McConnaughy, a professional photographer based in Brooklyn, found herself in this situation. A Dublin-based cafe called The White Moose Café used one of her photographs in a post which they put online. But they used the photograph without McConnaughy’s knowledge or permission. When she found out that they’d used her photograph, she sent them a private message asking them to remove it from their post. The cafe’s response was staggering…

The Brooklyn-based photographer sent the cafe a private message on Facebook, explaining that the photo is copyrighted and asking that it be removed from the post:


Instead of deleting the photo and post (which has gotten over 3,900 Likes on Facebook), White Moose Café today published McConnaughy’s message and a public response to her request:



While the new post has been popular with the cafe’s fans, most of the top comments are from people supporting McConnaughy:








McConnaughy has answered with a review on the cafe’s Yelp page:


White Moose Café has posted another post in response to another message it has received from someone else regarding copyrighted photos:


Paulie from The White Moose Café responded to McConnaughy in a public post that was insulting and sarcastic. He claimed that he believed that any image he found on Google was free to use and that McConnaughy must have lost thousands of dollars because The White Moose Café used her photograph without paying for it.

He told her that The White Moose Café would not remove the photograph or pay to use it. He said that they would rather just credit her in their original post, which they did in a rather sarcastic manner.

Do you think either McConnaughy or Paulie from The White Moose Café is in the right in this situation?

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  • pvbella

    The photographer is right. The pub is ridiculous trying to fight a legal issue with humor. It is only hoped the thief will be sued into bankruptcy.

  • Michael Mathis

    She now has a claim to pursue the pub for written libel against her~

  • Steve Beland

    I pause to consider how contemptuously the White Moose Cafe would respond if I brought into their place of business a Cafe Latte that was purchased from the local Starbucks down the street and I made myself comfortable at a seat and proceeded to consume my delicious beverage in their place of business? No prob I can safely ASSume, correct? S.Beland

  • Apul_MadeeqAoud

    Appalling behavior. This will certainly end in an embarrassed apology by the company and possible job loss by Paul Stenson with a potential countersuit back to the company for encouraging his irreverent and now illegal behavior. Bummer for everyone.

  • DJ

    Rather than ask the business to immediately take the image down, wouldn’t it have been smarter to send them an invoice first?

  • Mondele

    In my work, I once used a copyrighted photography under the assumption it was cleared. It was not. Several months later I received a communication from a firm that was hired to hunt wrongful uses of their photos. Needless to say I knew I had made a mistake. The bill was $1800 (a large chunk I am sure was the finders fee). I called and discussed with the company that owned the photo and they were very cooperative but could do nothing for me since these “bounty hunters” and “collectors” were in the right legally. Calls to them resulted in a drastic reduction of the fee down to $295.00. I was happy to pay that fee. As a professional photographer I never intend to use property that someone else has rights to. I The $300 was so much better than the $1800 and more in line to what I would have paid in the first place.

    This photographer McConnaughy is absolutely in her rights. The Paulie dude is in deed a c*nt as described previously. A disrespectful idiot who imagines the world revolves around his little pointed head. Sad but I do hope a proper action would be taken. The disclaimer he tries is useless and he and the person named responsible and the restaurant which received benefit from the use of the unsecured photo could all be sued and should be. The restaurant ought to pay a righteous fee, and all legal fees. Then, Paulie would be hard up for money for his cocaine and prostitutes. He might even have a change to be a decent fellow before he passes below.

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