Buy Or DIY: 5 Ways To Fit More In Your Fridge & Freezer

Spending time on the road or camping in your RV are both such wonderful ways to spend your vacations. The hot summer days spent swimming in a lake, the warm evenings around the barbeque and that feeling of freedom you get when you’re on a road trip are priceless.

However, there is one thing that almost all RV owners struggle with: too little space. RVs are meant to be a home away from home, so we try to squeeze so many things into them. But obviously they can’t be too big because they have to fit on the road! So space really is at a premium in an RV.

Thankfully there are some exceptionally clever ways for us to save space and fit more into our RVs. You won’t believe how much space you’ll save in your RV with these five ingenious ways to fit more into your fridge or freezer…

1. Wire Baskets

DIY Project can be found at Four Corners Design.

2. Condiment Caddies

Image result for Condiment Caddies refrigerator

This DIY Project can be found at Neat Nest Organizing.

3. Absorbent Mats

This DIY Project can be found at 2 Little Superheroes.

4. Lazy Susans

This DIY Project can be found at IHeart Organizing.

5. Freezer Shelves

This DIY Project can be found at Aunt Peaches.

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