November 2016

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  • Exhausted Father-Of-Four Shares His Frustration Online Of Having Children

    You won’t believe what one exhausted father-of-four has to say about having children: he gets “zero fulfilment” from his life! Most parents say that having children is an exhausting but wonderful experience. They claim to get an enormous amount of satisfaction and fulfillment from their children. But that’s not the case for every parent. One […]

  • Grandma Knits Amazing Hobbit Characters That Take Up To A Month To Create

    Most knitters stick to jumpers, scarves and hats, with some adventurous ones knitting up tablecloths and dresses. Here is an article about a grandma from Wales, United Kingdom who knits the characters from the Hobbit. Dragons, wizards and dwarves form part of her collection of dozens of these little characters. Denise Salway was persuaded to knit […]

  • Buy Or DIY: 5 Ways To Fit More In Your Fridge & Freezer

    Spending time on the road or camping in your RV are both such wonderful ways to spend your vacations. The hot summer days spent swimming in a lake, the warm evenings around the barbeque and that feeling of freedom you get when you’re on a road trip are priceless. However, there is one thing that […]

  • 6 Unexpected Benefits Of Knitting And Crocheting

    Knitting is an activity that’s most likely not at the top of your to-do list this summer. It’s something that’s usually relegated to grandma and the old ladies at the homes for the elderly. But there are reasons why you need to add it to your schedule. It comes with a number of benefits that […]

  • Check Out These 32 FREE Sock Knitting Patterns

    We have a long list of sock knitting patterns and they’re all free!  Have you ever knitted socks before? If not, there’s a great tutorial that will teach you exactly how to knit your own socks. If you already know how to knit socks, you can skip the tutorial and head straight for the 32 fabulous […]

  • Angler Catches Record-Breaking Mutant Trout Weighing Almost A Whopping 35lbs

    The Mirror has an incredible post written by Nigel Wiskar about an angler who caught a record-breaking monster trout that weighed almost 35lbs! It’s hard to believe that such an enormous trout exists until you see the pictures! Michael Mitchell is a 52-year-old angler who was hoping to catch a 10Ibs brown trout on his […]

  • Recycle Coke Bottles Using These 8 Brilliant Ways to Grow In Them

    If you’re an avid gardener and love to recycle, this handy post by Tammy on Garden Culture is for you! It explains how you can use old Coke bottles in eight different ways to grow plants. Be sure to check out some of the other excellent gardening posts on the site! If you love to […]